I haven't posted in over 9 months!!!

...and boy! A LOT has happened! First of all, the weight loss journey came to a screeeeeching halt on May 11, 2010. The day right after my 30th birthday. I woke up with a funny pain in the right side of my abdomen. Since I am the worlds worst worry wart (say that 5x fast...) I was immediately concerned, especially because the pain was dull, achy and deep. But I forged on with my day, which was a Tuesday. By Friday night I was severely nauseous and in pain. I decided to go to the doctor on Monday. After some blood work, a colonoscopy, a cat scan and finally a HIDA scan they found that it was my gallbladder. Your gallbladder should have a reading of 30% or higher...mine was 4%. So, that little sucker was coming OUT! On June 24th I had it removed lapriscopically. After a week of recovery I was back to work! Through the whole ordeal I lost 20lbs...without even trying! Unfortunately, it was because I could not eat without feeling sick :( But now I am back on the road to a better, healthier me! Inside and out! I have never posted my weight, but I feel it is important in order for you to realize what an accomplishment I have made. When I started this I was 321lbs, but now I am 295lbs! I broke through the ever daunting 300and I intend to keep going!
Along with my weight loss trials and tribulations, I will be adding a few extras as well! I have become inspired by a few different blogs I have found through my Internet travels and hope to have a lot of fun making MY blog fun to visit as well! Until next time!

I be werkin' on ma fitness...

So...yeah...I am feeling pretty awesome right now. Why Heather? Did you loose some more weight? Oh...well...not sure yet, but all I know is that if I haven't lost some by the end of this week...we must have entered the Twilight Zone, cause this chick has been workin' it!
I have been sooooper good about my eating AND I have started exercising. Yes folks...exercising. And ya know...I kinda don't mind it! Now the getting up at the butt crack of dawn to do the Wii Fit is not really my favorite gig, but walking on the treadmill in the evening is pretty freakin' awesome! Another thing that I have changed is taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator...also not my cup of tea...but I know it will help...FO SHO! drill sergent Pam would be oh so disappointed in me if I didn't...and that would make for a very unpleasant lecture I am sure.
Dinners have been getting better and better! I am pretty darn proud of the last few I have made. I know I talked about the Lettuce Wraps on Monday, but yesterday I made Meximelts (ground turkey, green pepper and onion) and tonight I made chicken, rice and broccoli! It was ACTUALLY pretty good! I used chicken broth with a little (very little) margarine and garlic powder to make the rice tasty...and it worked :o) I guess you have to go through some trials and tribulations before you can start getting the hang of cooking healthy and making it taste like you are not! I am trying to stay positive and really hoping that I will have some good results to post on Friday (weigh in day)!

Times Square 2009
Our Wedding 2008

My Very First Blog!

Hello Everyone (well I am sure not everyone is reading this...)! This is my very first ever blog! I am kind of excited...maybe a little too excited...It is a new year... and my husband and I have decided it is time for a new us as well. We are both heavy people (me more so than him) and we want to be...well...lighter and healthier! As I am sure everybody and their momma knows...this is much easier said than done. So many diets, books, weight loss "plans", surgery (god forbid), etc. to choose from...but we have decided that none of those would work for us. We have opted for the Total Lifestyle Change. Not very catchy but I made it up and I don't really care. This Total Lifestyle Change (or TLC...huh...that is totally accidental) consist of changing our eating habits and some exercising. Sounds easy, eh? Well, we are into our first week and so far... not too bad! I have already lost a couple pounds and my stomach issues (ulcer, name it I got it) are getting a little better. I have been cooking dinner EVERY night and making lunches EVERY day. Both very healthy...both not always that tasty. I have found that I am NOT very fond of brown rice. Yuck! I did make a REALLY good grilled chicken salad tonight! I am always so proud when I am able to make something healthy that actually is pleasant to eat as well. Well...I guess I will conclude this introductory blog by saying I am looking forward to this journey we have started on and I could not be on it with a better person. He is my soul mate and the rock that keeps me good and sane...I loves ya vincey! Thank you for everything!